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::Thanks for sharing your concerns; I will take this matter up on a priority basis. '''[[User:MikeLynch|<span style="color:#000080">Rao</span><span style="color:#00BFFF">7</span>]] •[[User talk:MikeLynch|<sup><span style="color:green"><small>Talk</small></span></sup>]]''' ०९:२८, १६ जूलय् २०११ (UTC)<br/>
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:::Hi Nice thing about sanskrit wikipedia transiliteration tool ,you have got better level of technical support coming up and that to from wikipedians from across India.We from mr wiki keenly watching this development. But please be more elaborate in noting down why certain change is being done and what is good what is area of improvement in in particular system so it is easy for next generation wikipedians to do further improvement. Can some one give me all relevant links of source of present tool/extension and will prefer to have links to previously implemented tools (if possible with little explanation about plus and minus points) It is needed because we want to study each of them thoroughly for Marathi WIkipedia sake Thanks for your co-operation and contribution[[User:Mahitgar|Mahitgar]] ([[User talk:Mahitgar|चर्चा]]) १२:३९, १० ओगस्ट् २०११ (UTC)
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