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[[Image:MaharishiMaheshYogi-01.jpg|thumb|right|Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (2007)]]
'''महर्षि महेश योगी''' १९११ तमे प्रयागे जात:.
Maharishi graduated from [[Allahabad University]] with a degree in physics. He studied for thirteen years with Swami [[Brahmananda Saraswati]], the [[Shankaracharya]] of [[Jyotir Math]]. In [[1955]], after spending two years in silence in the [[Himalayas]], he began teaching his TM technique. In [[1957]] he founded the [[TM Movement]] and began the first of many tours to teach the technique around the world. [[The Beatles]] were at one time among his students.
Maharishi has written a number of books on [[Vedic]] wisdom and the Vedas as the science of [[consciousness]]. He uses modern technology to spread his teachings—he has created the [[Maharishi Open University]] as an online teaching outlet, holds a weekly video press conference, and uses satellite and the [[Internet]] for his [[Maharishi Broadcasting]].
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