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updated code
(Adding topicon class to "small" case's div per editprotected on talk by TheDJ)
(updated code)
|<!-- else, not small -->{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{small|}}}}}|maybe||
| demospace = {{{demospace|}}}
|create=Please see the {{#if:{{{xfd|}}}|'''[[{{{xfd}}}|deletion discussion]]''' or the}} [{{fullurl:Special:Log|type=delete&page={{FULLPAGENAMEE}}}} deletion log] for details of why this page was deleted. If you would like to create a page at this title, you must first [[Wikipedia:Requests for page protection|request]] for it to be unprotected, or for the deleted material to be restored via [[Wikipedia:Deletion review|deletion review]].
}}<!--End if small--><includeonly>{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{categories|no}}}}}|no||{{{categories|}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>
<!-- Add categories and interwikis to the /doc subpage, not here! -->


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