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Hi Viswa, really glad to see you over here; its great to have you on board :) I had a small comment actually; I saw you requested deletion of [http://sa.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%E0%A5%A7.%E0%A5%A8%E0%A5%A7_%E0%A4%B9%E0%A5%83%E0%A4%B7%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%95%E0%A5%87%E0%A4%B6%E0%A4%82_%E0%A4%A4%E0%A4%A6%E0%A4%BE%E2%80%A6&action=historysubmit&diff=153544&oldid=153543 this] and [http://sa.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%E0%A5%A7.%E0%A5%A9%E0%A5%A8_%E0%A4%A8_%E0%A4%95%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%99%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%95%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%B7%E0%A5%87%E0%A4%B5%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%9C%E0%A4%AF%E0%A4%AE%E0%A5%8D%E2%80%A6&action=historysubmit&diff=158770&oldid=158701 this]. I think its better you redirect to proper article instead of requesting deletion. Or is there some particular reason for your request? :) Thanks, '''[[User:MikeLynch|<span style="color:#000080">Rao</span><span style="color:#00BFFF">7</span>]] •[[User talk:MikeLynch|<sup><span style="color:green"><small>Talk</small></span></sup>]]''' २०:०७, १५ डिसेम्बर् २०११ (UTC)
Hi Rao, Thanks for the good words. :)
Yes, I, (with the main help of User:Shubha, she has been labouriously carrying out most of the 'boring' and repetitive part of the job which still takes someone with good Sanskrit-conciousness) have been consolidating the whole collection of BG pages (despite the fact that, as of now, it has a semi-wikisource semi-wikipedia nature: This could be justified as the BG is special in terms of context and its numerous interpretations by many scholars, the whole of such and discussions thereof could form lumps of matter into each sloka pages.).
As a scheme to accomplish this, we first decided to rename all the numbered titles. The titles should be rather starting with actual words. Further, each title should be precisely and exactly long enough (at least phonetically) to contain just the first line of a sloka ( the first vishamapAdaH). While doing this, some of the slokas were found to have duplicate pages, almost with same content.
It is those (extra) pages that I have recommended to delete.
With BG, we have still not finished all the work. The Categorization is completely reorganized now. They are also connected to the top level ([[वर्गःविषयसर्वस्वम्]]) through proper pathway. What remains is preparation of some appealing and conveniently navigable templates as well as the articles page for each chapter faces.
Once this model is completed, we can keep this as a base frame-work for all similar documents within wikipedia and wikisource. That's the final goal. :-) [[User:Viswaprabha|Viswaprabha]] ([[User talk:Viswaprabha|चर्चा]]) ००:१६, १६ डिसेम्बर् २०११ (UTC)


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