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| tpetype = style
| imeimage = [[File:Emblem-important-yellow.svg|40x40px]]
| tttext =
'''ThiThis tmlatetemplate is used on [[Wikipedia:Database reports/Templates with the most transclusions|{{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{{1}}}|many}} pages]]''', and hangeschanges to it will be widely noticed. Please test any changes in the template's [[{{#ifeq:{{SUBPAGENAME}}|doc| {{SUBJECTSASUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}} | {{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} }}/sandbox|/sandbox]] or [[{{#ifeq:{{SUBPAGENAME}}|doc| {{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGNAMBASEPAGENAME}} | {{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} }}/testcases|/testcases]] subpages, or in a [[Wikipedia:Subpages#How to create user subpages|user sbaesubpage]], and consider discussing changes at {{#if:{{{2|}}}|[[{{{2}}}]]|the [[{{#ifeq:{{SUBPAGENAME}}|doc| {{TALKSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}} | {{TALKPAGENAME}} }}|talk page]]}} before implementing them.
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