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{{Infobox scientist
[[File:Landau.jpg|thumb|220px|लेव लाण्डौ]]
|name = लेव लाण्डौ
|image = Landau.jpg
|image_size = 200px
|caption =
|birth_date = {{birth date|1908|1|22|mf=y}}
|birth_place = [[Baku]], [[Russian Empire]]
|death_date = {{death date and age|1968|04|01|1908|01|22}}
|death_place = [[Moscow]], [[Soviet Union]]
|residence = [[Soviet Union]]
|citizenship = [[Soviet Union]]
|nationality =
|ethnicity =
|fields = [[Theoretical Physics]]
|workplaces = [[Baku State University]]<br>[[Kharkiv University]]<br>[[Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute]]<br>[[Institute for Physical Problems]]<br>[[MSU Faculty of Physics]]
|alma_mater = [[Saint Petersburg State University|Leningrad State University]]<br>
[[Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute|Leningrad Physico-Technical Institute]]
|doctoral_advisor =
|academic_advisors =
|doctoral_students = {{nowrap|[[Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov]]}}<br>[[Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov]]
|notable_students = [[Evgeny Lifshitz]]
|known_for = [[Superfluidity]]<br>[[Superconductivity]]<br>[[Course of Theoretical Physics]]
|author_abbrev_bot =
|author_abbrev_zoo =
|awards = [[Stalin Prize]] (1946) <br> [[Max Planck Medal]] (1960)
[[Nobel Prize in Physics]] (1962)
|religion = <!--Per [[User:TEB728|TEB728]]: after a long discussion on the talk page a consensus agreed that his religion was too complex to summarize in the infobox. Please do not add it without reading the discussion.-->}}
सः विख्यातः वैज्ञानिकः।
* [[जीवनी]]


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