"विकिपीडिया:प्रबन्धकाः च प्रशासकाः" इत्यस्य संस्करणे भेदः

अङ्कनम् : 2017 स्रोत संपादन
अङ्कनम् : 2017 स्रोत संपादन
Bureaucrats do not have the technical ability to remove administrator or bureaucrat rights from users or to grant certain levels of access such as oversight or checkuser rights. These actions are performed by [[m:Stewards|stewards]], a small multilingual group of individuals who serve all Wikimedia projects and are elected and reconfirmed annually. Changes in user rights by stewards are recorded at [[meta:Special:Log/rights]]; for more information see [[meta:Requests for permissions]].
=== प्रषासकं भवितुम्‌ ===
=== Becoming a Bureaucrat ===
Bureaucrat rights can be requested [[विकिपीडियासम्भाषणम्:प्रशासकानां निर्वाचनम्|here]].


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