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== New Wikipedia Library collections and design update (August 2021) ==
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Hello Wikimedians!
[[File:Wikipedia_Library_owl.svg|thumb|upright|The TWL OWL says log in today!]]
[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/users/my_library/ The Wikipedia Library] is pleased to announce the addition of new collections, alongside a new interface design. New collections include:
* '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/107/ Cabells]''' – Scholarly and predatory journal database
* '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/108/ Taaghche]''' - Persian language e-books
* '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/112/ Merkur]''', '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/111/ Musik & Ästhetik]''', and '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/110/ Psychologie, Psychotherapie, Psychoanalyse]''' - German language magazines and journals published by Klett-Cotta
* '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/117/ Art Archiv]''', '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/113/ Capital]''', '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/115/ Geo]''', '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/116/ Geo Epoche]''', and '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/114/ Stern]''' - German language newspapers and magazines published by Gruner + Jahr
Additionally, '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/105/ De Gruyter]''' and '''[https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/partners/106/ Nomos]''' have been centralised from their previous on-wiki signup location on the German Wikipedia. Many other collections are freely available by simply logging in to [https://wikipedialibrary.wmflabs.org/ The Wikipedia Library] with your Wikimedia login!
We are also excited to announce that the first version of a new design for My Library was deployed this week. We will be iterating on this design with more features over the coming weeks. Read more on the [[:m:Library Card platform/Design improvements|project page on Meta]].
Lastly, an Echo notification will begin rolling out soon to notify eligible editors about the library ([[Phab:T132084|T132084]]). If you can translate the notification please do so [https://translatewiki.net/w/i.php?title=Special:Translate&group=ext-thewikipedialibrary at TranslateWiki]!
--The Wikipedia Library Team १३:२३, ११ आगस्ट् २०२१ (UTC)
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