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I have translated template as संफलकम् for it to be consistent with the name template itself. Actually the name बिंबधर is a translation taken from another Indian language wikipedia. In my opinion, it is not suitable for the sanskrit wikipedia. If you are adopting the same in sanskrit, with the same meaning i.e. image bearer, it should be बिंबधारि or बिंबधारकः in masculine gender. I thought it would be better to adopt a neuter gender word like संफलकम् for templte than a masculine or feminine gender word. I also wish to say, using hyphens to link the words in sanskrit will not be suitable. It will be better to use the 'Sandhi rules' than using hyphen. It will help to keep the originality of language. Thanks for your comments, and I need more help from you.. for clearing my doubts.. in grammer and even in word meaning, coz I found that the same sanskrit word is used in different meaning in different parts/states of India.
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