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{{प्रलेखनस्य उपपृष्ठम्}}


{{प्रलेखनस्य उपपृष्ठम्|[[मुख्यपृष्ठं येन सह सम्बन्धः अस्ति ।]]}}

Userboxesसंपादित करें

When used to document usage of a userbox, it may be preferred to have this template state "userbox"/"userbox page" instead of "फलकम्"/"फलकम् page" or "सदस्यः template"/"सदस्यः template page". If this is preferred, use:

{{userbox documentation subpage}}


{{userbox documentation subpage|[[main userbox page to link to]]}}

Customization of textसंपादित करें

To manually change the text of the template, the "text1=your text here" and/or "text2=your other text here" parameters can be specified. "text1=" changes the automatic text on the first line to your own word(s). "text2=" changes the automatic text on the second line to your own word(s). If "text1=" parameter is specified without the "text2=" parameter, both the first and second line of text will be custom based on the text given in the "text1=" parameter.

Example usage:

{{प्रलेखनस्य उपपृष्ठम्|text1=custom first and second line text}}
{{प्रलेखनस्य उपपृष्ठम्|text2=custom second line text only}}
{{प्रलेखनस्य उपपृष्ठम्|text1=custom first line text|text2=custom second line text}}

How it is displayedसंपादित करें

This template should be placed at the top of "/doc" pages. It changes output depending on where it is viewed:

  • On a "/doc" page, it displays a box explaining template documentation and links to the template page.
  • On other pages (ie, pages transcluding the "/doc" page), the template will not show. The template page itself (which contains {{Documentation}}) will automatically note that the documentation is transcluded from a subpage.

Functionsसंपादित करें

In addition to the output message, the template categorizes pages to वर्गः:प्रलेखनस्य पृष्ठम्, वर्गः:प्रलेखनपृष्ठम्, वर्गः:योजकस्य प्रलेखनपृष्ठम् or वर्गः:विकिपीडिया प्रलेखनपृष्ठम्, but only for documentation pages in namespaces with the subpage feature. It defaults the sort key to the page name without namespace (ie, "Foo" on "Template:Foo", so it would be sorted in categories under 'F').

See alsoसंपादित करें

फलकम्:Documentation/see also