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This template has been designed for the presentation of information on non-stellar astronomical bodies: [[planet]]s (including [[extrasolar planet]]s), [[dwarf planet]]s, [[moon]]s and [[minor planet]]s. Some parameters will not be applicable to individual types; these may be omitted without any problems to the template's function.
|mp_category = ''mp_category''
|alt_names = ''alt_names''
|orbit_ref = <ref> ''orbit_ref'' </ref>
|epoch = ''epoch''
|aphelion = ''aphelion''
|asc_node = ''asc_node''
|arg_peri = ''arg_peri''
|p_orbit_ref = <ref> ''p_orbit_ref'' </ref>
|p_semimajor = ''p_semi_major''
|p_eccentricity = ''p_eccentricity''
* For satellites of minor planets, include the parameter <span style="white-space:nowrap;"><tt>|apsis = astron</tt></span> (see [[#Usage notes|above]]).
== Notes on usage ==
! align="left" | [[Inclination]] (to [[Ecliptic]])
| &deg;°<br>(&deg;° to [[Sun]]'s equator)
! align="left" | [[Longitude of the ascending node|Longitude of the<br/> ascending node]]
| decimal &deg;° (° ' ")
! align="left" | [[Argument of the perihelion|Argument of the<br/> perihelion]]
| decimal &deg;° (° ' ")
! align="left" | [[natural satellite|Satellite]]s
! align="left" | Proper [[inclination]]
| &deg;°
! align="left" | Proper [[mean motion]]
! align="left" | [[Obliquity]]
| &deg;°
! align="left" | [[Right ascension]]<br />of North pole
This section documents how some minor planet parameters may be computed when they're not directly measured. More detail can be found in [[Standard asteroid physical characteristics]]. <!-- In particular, this is how [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Astronomical objects/Infoboxes#Minor planets (asteroids, comets, Kuiperoids, etc.)|AstOrb Browser]] computes these values. -->
===Average orbital speed===
This is very simply the orbital circumference divided by the orbital period.
:<math>g_{\rm spherical} = \frac{GM}{r^2}\,\!</math>
Where ''G'' = 6.6742{{e|&minus;11}} m<sup>3</sup>s<sup>-2−2</sup>kg<sup>-1−1</sup> is the [[Gravitational constant]], ''M'' is the mass of the body, and ''r'' its radius. This value is very approximate, as most minor planets are far from spherical.
For ''irregularly shaped bodies'', the surface gravity will differ appreciably with location. However, at the outermost point/s, where the distance to the [[centre of mass]] is the greatest, the surface gravity is still given by a simple formula, a slightly modified version of the above that uses the largest radius <math>r_{\rm max}</math>
| author=Torrence V. Johnson, Paul R. Weissman, Lucy-Ann A. McFadden
| year=2007 | title=Encyclopedia of the Solar System
| pages=p. 294 | publisher=Elsevier
| idisbn=ISBN 0120885891 }}.
== Microformat ==


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