MikeLynch २५ नवेम्बर् २०१० से सदस्य हैं
I am inactive on this project, but I will still perform Bureaucrat actions when needed.
<big><big>I am busy in real life; I may not edit actively, but please write on my talk page if you need any help, and I will surely respond.</big></big>
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If you need emergency administrator or bureaucrat assistance, please [[Special:Emailuser/MikeLynch|send me an email]], and/or contact the [[m:Steward requests|Stewards]] on meta.
:'''En:'''I am MikeLynch, an editor from [[:en:India|India]]. I am your friendly neighbourhood sysop and bureaucrat.
:A fast way to reach me is by leaving a message on [[User talk:MikeLynch|my Sanskrit talk page]], or [[:en:User_talk:MikeLynch|my English talk page]]. An even faster way to reach me is by [[Special:Emailuser/MikeLynch|sending me an email]].
==Editing philosophy==
I strongly believe in a collaborative effort to build Wikipedias. Fussing about small, inconsequential matters is going to lead us nowhere.
:'''Note''': Me being an administrator and a bureaucrat gives me no special say in community discussions. My responsibility is to close administrator requests, and I will do just that, whilst behaving in an impartial manner during ''such'' discussions. Ideally, I '''will not comment''' on such threads, doing so only when there is a very good reason.
:I believe in a world free from unnecessary censorship. Sanskrit is an ancient language, considered sacred by many. However, people make the mistake of keeping it to the ancient ages. Sanskrit is not just about Hindu philosophy or ritualistic methods, but it is also about the present. I will not shy away from editing on contemporary or controversial topics.


"https://sa.wikipedia.org/wiki/विशेषः:MobileDiff/216631" इत्यस्माद् प्रतिप्राप्तम्