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I want to talk to you....संपादित करें

Namste @Susilmishra: ! You have stared new conversation in VicharMandapam. About that I want to talk to you. Twice I mailed you, but you didn't reply. Please send me your email ID on Thank you for working on Sa.wikipedia. ॐNehalDaveND ०५:०२, २२ मई २०१५ (UTC)

@NehalDaveND: sorry been busy with some private work...dint had time to check mail...can you inform me the matter here?...Sushilmishra (चर्चा) १५:०६, २२ मई २०१५ (UTC)
@NehalDaveND: i checked just now my inbox and i dont have any mails from you may be some error with delivery system as i am recieving updates about changes on my talk page but no personal mails...i suggest we can discuss the matter here...Sushilmishra (चर्चा) १५:३२, २२ मई २०१५ (UTC)

Dhanyavadahसंपादित करें

Namaste Sushilmishra, thank you for the help. It is great if you could guide us in different technical issues which we are not aware of. Happy to have you with us. --Shubha (चर्चा) ०३:५९, २३ मई २०१५ (UTC)

@Shubha: sure why not...but i really wanted to make those sports pages for which i request translation but you denied me that chance...looking forward to it in future...btw is import feature working ok here? are you able import matter from other wikipedias too or just incubator wiki (only admin can check this)...check it once and inform...Sushilmishra (चर्चा) ०४:२०, २३ मई २०१५ (UTC)
Namaste, I understand that you are too eager to create those pages in sa wikipedia. But I am not interested in translating those lines to create stub articles. But you can always get those lines translated from others and continue. My concern is that you should not stay waiting for my help in this regard. Thanks. --Shubha (चर्चा) ०४:३८, १५ जून २०१५ (UTC)
@Shubha: wow you responded after a month...lol....anyways tnx for responding....Sushilmishra (चर्चा) ०४:४५, १५ जून २०१५ (UTC)

10,000संपादित करें

Instead of (or in addition to) creating a lot of new stubs, if you know Sanskrit well enough to recognize text that should be linked to existing articles on this wiki, then you can help to increase the article count by simply adding [[regular wikilinks]] (as done in this edit) to the pages listed at Special:DeadendPages (= विशेषः:निराग्रपृष्टानि). I have suggested this to two different admins on this wiki, but neither seems to have taken my suggestion. There are still over 1,100 pages (approximately 10% of the "main namespace") that are not linked to any other pages on the wiki, and therefore do not count as articles. If you can add wikilinks in these pages (only on the most "relevant" words and phrases, and only once per "target article"—usually the first time the term appears in the text), then the article count will go up. Note that the "visual editor" may [or may not] help you to identify existing article titles to link to. (Personally, I use the old-fashioned "wikitext" editor, where you can add new links by enclosing text you think might be an article title inside of [[double-brackets]], then preview the page [don't save it yet] and only keep the link if it's blue [i.e., links to an existing article—I would remove the double-brackets if it's a "red link", but other editors may act differently]. By restricting yourself to "blue links", you can be a little more confident that you are adding "helpful" links when it's a language you don't speak read and write very well. This works fine if a wiki has a lot of articles about basic/fundamental topics; if it doesn't, it's going to be hard to "find" blue links. In that regard, विकिपीडिया:List of articles every Wikipedia should have might also be helpful.) - dcljr (चर्चा) ०४:३५, १४ अगस्त २०१६ (UTC)

@Dcljr: I am very sorry to disappoint you as an admin. But I think I couldn't understand your opinion. Now I can understand a bit, what are trying to say. For that I am clarifying myself on this topic.

1. If I want to count a page as wikipage, so I will have to put at least one wiki-link into page. Ex. भारतम् अस्माकं देशः वर्तते । If this sentence is belonging some page and don't have any wiki-link, so I will have to put a wiki-link in that page. Like - भारतम् अस्माकं देशः वर्तते । After this process that page will be count as wikipage.

2. If you want to say as I wrote in point 1, so I am ready to do that work.

3. If point 1 is not proper please tell me with example. If I can't understand your point so how can do I some work on it?

4. Susilji have experience on all wikis. If he can do this process for sa.wikipedia, so I will very happy. May be I will support him to create some pages in sa.wikipedia.

5. If you can make a list or a category which need wiki-links, so please make that.
I will always help to improve sa.wikipedia. But you will have to tell me very very clearly. thank you for you time. ॐNehalDaveND ०५:११, १४ अगस्त २०१६ (UTC)

@NehalDaveND, Dcljr: wow you both are asking me to do something opposite of what i wish to, i want to start a new here instead you asking me to clean up other's mess.
you guys are behaving as if you have to pay me to write new thing here....all i want here is my own stuff....for that i just need translation of those two lines.....give me a chance.....look at my work....i bet it wont disappoint you....
but please dont ask me to do something which i dont want to......either you help me with translation of those two lines which i have been asking for past 2 years now or else say that you dont know sanskrit thats why you people avoiding that translation.
wouldnt have approached you had i knew any online translation tool....but instead of helping i find you guys showing me attitude....no wonder this language got extinct.....cause expert dint want to share their knowledge....
  • and for info article count will not increase by adding wikilink....i am here on wikipedia since 2007 and i know in and out of this process.....help, i can provide when i recieve my those two lines translated.....orelse forget it....i clean up and do rest of the things as i proceed and not other way around......Sushilmishra (चर्चा) ०६:५६, १४ अगस्त २०१६ (UTC)
@Sushilmishra: धन्यवाद । कृपया आप इस निर्णय पर अटल रहीएगा कि आप यहाँ कार्य नहीं करेंगे । कुछ माह या वर्ष बाद कृपया आप ये विषय पुनः न उठाये कि आपको स्टब् बनाने है और दो लाईन् अनुवाद कोई करके दे । मैं आपसे निवेदन करता हूँ कृपया अपना और मेरा समय व्यर्थ न करें । अस्तु । ॐNehalDaveND ०९:३०, १४ अगस्त २०१६ (UTC)
@Sushilmishra: I didn't think I was "asking [you] to do something opposite of what [you] wish to"... You said, "sawiki is below 10000 and i want to see it above 10000". I was suggesting a way of making that happen. Second point: If I could read Sanskrit at all, believe me, I would be doing what I am suggesting, not asking other people to do it. (@NehalDaveND: See सदस्यसम्भाषणम्:NehalDaveND#Links.) - dcljr (चर्चा) १०:०१, १४ अगस्त २०१६ (UTC)
"https://sa.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=सदस्यसम्भाषणम्:Sushilmishra&oldid=443861" इत्यस्माद् प्रतिप्राप्तम्